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The All India Sunday School Association is established in response to the need expressed by the Churches and the mandate given by the All India Sunday School and Christian Education Conference called by the National Council of Churches in India held in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh from 30th December 1981 to 2nd January 1982.

Believing that Christian nurture is vital to the life and witness of the Church, the AISSA as a related agency of the NCCI seeks to work in close cooperation with its member churches and organisations to initiate, promote and coordinate Christian Education through Sunday School Programmes.


A people strong in biblical-theological foundation, ready for individual and community service in the socio-economic and political Contexts challenging church and country, emulating the example of Jesus in word and deed.


To build biblical- theological capacities of Children (and Adults in the case of Adult Sunday Schools) through Christian Nurture in Sunday Schools in Churches and Christian Institutions, for service and witness as individual persons and as well as a community in the world.


Effective Agencies

To help Sunday Schools to become effective agencies of the Church in Christian Education of Children, Youth and Adults.


To plan and carry out training programmes for those teaching in Sunday School.


To advise and equip church bodies in planning programmes in Christian Education


To promote Sunday School Movement in rural and urban areas in order to further the cause of Christian nurture in the total life of the church.


To provide opportunities for exchange of programmes, leadership, literature etc, among the different member units.


To do everything that is incidental or conducive for the Christian Nurture.

Office Bearers

Acting President & Vice President

Rev. James Cecil Victor

General Secretary

Rev.Dr. T I James


Mr.Angelious Michael

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Christian Council Lodge, Post Bag No: 205, NCCI Road, Nagpur – 110001, Maharashtra, India

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