Celebrating International Girl Child Day

11 October 2023

Concept Note

Concept note on the forthcoming Reel making Competition for International Girl Child Day (11 October 2023)

Name of the Organizers: All India Sunday School Association (AISSA), National Council of Churches India (NCCI), Women’s desk.

On account of the celebration of the 12th International Girl Child Day, the All India Sunday School Association in collaboration with the National Council of Churches India, NCCI has decided to initiate Reel-making competitions among the children.

The motivation behind the initiation arose from the realities of girl child abuse in the form of female infanticide, sexual abuse, and physical abuse, denial of education, neglect of girl child, etc. and thus permeating numerable exploitation which is both conscious and unconscious in character. The introduction of the activities among the children of the member churches and the related agencies has taken its shape with the purpose of countering these evil performs and bringing about gender equality and justice.

The anticipated goals behind the motivated initiation are as follows-

  1. To encompass children in noble, energetic, and life-defining activity for a better tomorrow.
  2. To provide a platform to enhance their skills and talents.
  3. To promote awareness of the plight of girl children among the children.
  4. To promote the virtuous sense of gender equality.
  5. To celebrate the beauty of every life.
  6. To recognize the moral and ethical sin of girl child abuse.

Type of Reel-

Statute for the Reel competition-

  • The content of the competition will be based on celebrating the freedom and rights of the Girl child.
  • The reel may be created in one’s regional language.
  • The content must not be offensive in nature.
  • The participants may freely choose to address any topic on the subject matter using one’s creativity.
  • The participants are free to explore their creativity (use of music, choreography, action, musical instruments, etc.)
  • The participants can be either individual or group, with a maximum of 4 members.
  • The sources used must be properly acknowledged or must be from Royalty Free resources from the internet.
  • The competition is open to all individuals of the selected age group.
  • The applicable age for the competition is 13-17 age groups.

Procedure to send the Reel

  • Visit the website of NCCI (ncci1914.com or www.aissa.in ) click the link shows the instruction. Read carefully.
  • Step one- Fill out the Entry and Consent form (Google form) only after the Reel is created.
  • Step two- Click on the link (WeTransfer) to upload the video
  • Step three- Upload the reel and email to sundayschoolindia@yahoo.co.in.  and jyoti@ncci1914.com
  • Step four- Copy and Paste the link generated by WeTransfer after uploading the video
  • Step four- The participants shall be permitted to upload and share the video at the social networking sites only after the official notification of the organizers.

(Reels sent through WhatsApp will be liable for disqualification. The channel through which the videos must be sent to the organizers is WeTransfer)


  • The Reels will go through a screening process.
  • Usages of foul language and indecent choreography/dance routines shall be liable for disqualification.
  • The right to upload the selected reels rests solely with the organizers therefore no Participants/churches/organizers/diocese etc. are allowed to upload the video on any platform (Refer Consent and Release Form).
  • The video should not exceed 1 minute extent.
  • Aspect Ratio- 9:16.
  • Resolution of the Video- 1920x 1080p HD.

Date of Submission for the Reel- 15th September to 1st of October


Prizes- 1st Prize- Rs. 25,000/-

Consolation prizes 2nd Prize- 5000 (x2), 3rd Prize- 2,500 (x4), 10 other Consolation Prizes, 1000 Rs each, freebees, coupons etc.

For any Assistance in uploading the video contact +918220197714